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TMLS initiative at Emory is media:tmls_postdoc_2019.pdf hiring postdocs!

Make sure to read this FAQ if you'd like to join our group.

I am currently seeking to fill a postdoctoral position in theoretical biophysics.

I encourage enquiries from individuals interested in working with me at Emory University on a variety of problems on the interface of physics and biology, such as:

  • developing coarse-grained, effective models of complex stochastic and dynamical systems directly from data, including models in animal learning, systems biology, sequence evolution, etc. ;
  • characterizing thermal and nociceptive response and memory of C. elegans;
  • understanding learning and motor control in songbirds;
  • many other projects -- ask me directly.

I am primarily looking for graduate research assistants (GRA's), but capable undergraduate students should contact me as well.