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Our group works on understanding how biological systems, such as cells, organisms, and populations, learn from their surrounding environment and respond to it (we call this "biological information processing"). Put differently,

What are the computational primitives employed by living organisms to compute their way through life?

We are interested in physical problems in this biological domain. That is

Are there phenomenological, coarse-grained, and yet functionally accurate representations of biological processes, or are we forever doomed to every detail mattering?

The dream is that this may lead eventually to understanding the basics of how we can function reliably in an ever changing world. We hope to achieve some quantitative understanding of such complex phenomena as evolution, sensory processes, animal behavior, and human cognition.

Current projects

Currently, the following projects are active in the group. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have questions about any of them.

Completed projects

In the years past, we have worked on the following questions.